Windscreen Viper

2018 . engine, steel, glass . 69 x 112 x 15 cm

Windscreen Viper consists of a windscreen wiper motor, which is mounted on the wall together with a sheet of float glass mounted above it. The motor moves the wiper blade, attached to that are grinding pins, which leave scratch marks on the glass surface. The machine as the author of the scratch remains visible. The action that results in the scratch track is part of the work. The creating, inscribing aspect of the drawing contrasts with violently damaging the perfect glass surface. In addition, there is the paradox of the wiper blade, which, as in real life possible, no longer cleans the glass for transparency but on the contrary generates a permanent track that cannot be removed. In addition to the sculptural part, the elements of movement and sound play an important role in the work. The scratching noise evokes unpleasant associations, such as fingernails on a blackboard. The constant rhythm of the wiper reminds of a metronome.